Stuffies Pastries Origins

"Stuffies Pastries is bringing a very successful South Korean pastry concept to Vancouver. A new modern and relatable concept inspired by an all-time favorite Korean snack. A traditional delicious animal-shaped waffle-like pastry with various filling, and presentation. In 1988, a company called DeliManjoo started building automatic baking machines to make animal-shaped pastries for the consumer market by building small stores on subway stations, public recreation areas as well as high-end malls and has been popular to countries worldwide for many years." Stuffies Pastries has been awarded exclusive rights to bring the automatic baking machines to Vancouver and spread delight in consuming this irresistible signature and delicious custard filled pastry and call it “Stuffies”. This new concept not only wants to spread delight over Vancouver but also feels socially responsible to offer a delicious and reasonable priced product that will be enjoyed by the whole family even by the most critical of taste buds."

Stuffies Pastries

"SMELL the aroma", "SEE the spectacle", "TASTE the indulgence"

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